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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

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Let’s face it, most of us go to the same mass every weekend and sit in the same pew surrounded by the same parishioners and yet, other than extending a welcome and the Sign of Peace, we do not know their name or anything about them. Well this program can change that!
The Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner Program is a random group of 6 to 10 people at another parishioner’s home for dinner on the second Saturday of each month.  The only information they are given is the address, phone number and what to bring i.e. appetizer, salad, vegetable or dessert.  The size of the dinner is based on the number of people that each host can accommodate.
The host for the evening would be responsible for the main course, beverages (wine, soda and coffee).  They too do not know who will be at their home, only the number of guests and what they will bring, i.e. appetizer, salad, vegetable or dessert.  Once a host is established and the number of guests is determined for a host then the guests are assigned and what they are to bring.
The guests usually start to arrive at 6:30 pm on a Saturday and dinner is usually served around 7:00 pm, and the evening and goes until???
The program is opened to all parish adults (21+), married, single, divorced, widowed and yes, our priests.  

We try to ensure that everyone gets to meet new people at each dinner and build a friendship in faith and community.  While hosting is not required it is our hope that all will host at least once during the year. Two single people can co-host also.

This is a month-to-month program, no need for a long-term commitment.
The dinners themselves do not need to be fancy. No one should feel that they must have fine china and crystal.  Dinner can be anything from chicken, pasta, burgers, pizza, soup, chili, or tacos! Again, the purpose is to enable us to meet our parish families in small personal groups. 

If you have questions about the program please reach out to-

Sue Crance, at (843) 557-4401 or

Dan Crance (843) 478-5612



Below is a link to an article about a parish that has been running the program for several years.

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