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Volunteering - Safe Environment

Safe Environment for Children and Background Checks

All employees of the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Charleston and all volunteers who have contact with children under the age of 18, vulnerable adults, drive for the parish or handle money must complete safe environment training for adults and undergo a background check before beginning employment or volunteer service. In these and other ways, we are dedicated to preserving a safe and healthy environment for all entrusted to our care.

The Diocese of Charleston provides several resources to help every parish be a safe environment for children, and at the same time, the Diocese also provides the means to report an allegation of abuse and to request assistance for a victim. These resources can be found by visiting the Diocese of Charleston website.

​Prior to 2017, the Diocese of Charleston used the Virtus: Protecting God’s Children program. Beginning 1 January 2017, the diocese transitioned to a new online program, Safe Haven – It’s Up to You.  All new employees and volunteers as well as those who need to be retrained must complete the Safe Haven course.

If you are interested in volunteering at St. Theresa’s or if you need to receive Safe Haven training or complete a background check, please contact Fr. Artur Przywara, our Safe Environment Coordinator, with any questions. The necessary forms are available below.

St. Theresa’s Safe Environment Coordinator:
Kerry Hall

Almighty and most loving God, through your Son your compassion
brought healing to many.
We ask for your healing once more for all who have been profoundly
wounded by abuse, especially those who have been hurt by your
ministers. ln your mercy we also ask for forgivenes. Words cannot
express fully the sorrow we have for the great harm done by those
who were called to be trusted. ln your godness we ask for the grace
to be a source of healing to all who have been abused and to be ever
vigilant in protecting all your people. Grant, we pray, our prayers for
healing and forgiveness, for we ask them through your Son, Christ our





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