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Parenting is hard work. As a parent you have to navigate a landscape that, more than likely, is very different than the one in which you grew up. Social media didn't exist, you couldn't walk around Target and talk on a phone, the only way to communicate electronically was via email, tv choices were limited to cable or satellite channels, and your friends were the people you saw on a daily basis.  

Nowadays information is at your and your child's fingertips, you can be friends with people you may never meet, and the viewing possibilities are endless.  So much is competing for your time, your kids' time, how do you make sure they learn and grow in their faith. You want them not only to receive their First Communion and Confirmation, but you want them to grow into faith-filled adults who get married and raise their family in the Church.  Maybe you remember being dropped off at Catechism class by your parents and going to Mass on Sunday as the fulfillment of your "Catholic" obligation. You received Jesus in the Eucharist, but maybe you weren't taught how to have a relationship with Him. That is one of my goals as Director of Religious Education. The Catechists that teach your kids and I want you and your children to have a relationship with Christ and grow in that relationship. 

I am a convert to the Catholic Church. I was not raised going to church, except on Easter, and we weren't consistent as to which church we attended. We didn't go to a Catholic Church. I look back now and realize I had several Catholic friends, but I didn't know it at the time. My best friend was Episcopalian and she got me to go to a retreat my senior year of high school. I received Christ that weekend, and was excited to share the love of Christ with everyone I encountered. In college I interned for a Youth Minister at St. Philip's Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston and my goal was to become a full-time youth minister. I got a degree in Chemistry just in case youth ministry didn't work out. It didn't, after several interviews and my boss transferring to a new place I went to work in the science field. I rarely went to church and to be honest I was mad at God for not giving me a youth ministry job. During my time as a forensic scientist at the Charleston Police Department I met my future husband and married him in the Episcopal Church. It is a long story but we did get married in the Catholic Church years later. When I was pregnant with our first daughter I went through RCIA and became a Catholic. A few years later I was offered the job of Religious Education Director. I have been in this position for ten years. Over the years I have continued to learn and grow in my faith. There is so much to learn about the Catholic faith. When I first started there was such a shortage of "good" Catholic material. It was hard to find a website or digital platform worth viewing. Nowadays, there are so many great websites, videos, books, youtube channels, publishing companies, faith formation resources, and other social media sites that it is hard to choose.  I believe there are many people in our community that have a hunger to learn more about their Catholic faith and one of my goals is to help you do just that.

You are the primary faith educators of your children. The way you model the faith to your kids is what they will most likely grow up practicing their faith. If you only focus going to Mass and learning about the Catholic faith during the First Communion and Confirmation years then chances are your children will remain Catholic in name only. More than likely they will not attend Mass after Confirmation and will probably not get married or have their children baptized in the Church. Below you will find some of my favorite resources to educate, entertain and increase your knowledge and love of all things Catholic.

Great websites for movies, articles, books, activities:

Great news sources with a Catholic perspective:

Great websites for adult education:

Informative and entertaining youtube channels

Catholic Central is a great source for short, informative and entertaining videos on all things Catholic.

Ascension Presents featuring Father Mike Schmitz.

Busted Halo is another great video resource.

Breaking in the Habit is a youtube series by a young Franciscan Friar. 

Like to listen to podcasts? Make room for these in your playlist...

The Road to Emmaus, This is Jen, Pints with Aquinas, The Catholic Guy, Girlfriends, Catholic Momcast, Do Something Beautiful are great starters. 

Need an app to enhance your prayer life or Scripture time try out:

Laudate, Family Rosary, and our own St Theresa app


However you consume information, there is an app, channel, website, book, ebook, podcast for it. Please know if you have any questions or concerns.You may reach me by email me, Leslie McGowan, at



Parents do you know...


The Oxford American dictionary defines an influencer as one who has the power or ability to produce an effect in another's character, beliefs, or actions.

As parents, you hope this is God and you. If you have young folks in your house with a tablet or phone, chances are these are their influencers:

James Charles

Lele Pons

Huda Kattan

Gigi Hadid

Kylie Jenner


These folks post content on instagram, tiktok and youtube. While most of it is funny, cute and harmless, some of it does contain profanity, sexually explicit content, and irresponsible behavior. In an effort to show their followers they are real people they often don't bother to filter themselves.

Take some time and talk about this with our kids. Here are some conversations starters for you to use with your pre-teen and teens.

  1. How did you find out about this person?
  2. Why do you follow him/her?
  3. What about their content do you like?
  4. What if anything from their posts would you try?
  5. What brand or product have you tried because of their suggestion?
  6. Do you want to be an influencer? What about their life appeals to you?


You could read Age of Influence by Neil Schaffer or Influence: How Social Media influencers are shaping the future of our digital age by Sarah McCorquodale

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